There are small actions we take on a daily basis knowingly and unknowingly that tend to send a bigger message to the people we are interacting with. Here are top gestures and actions that you should look out for and their meanings.

1. If someone is trying to make you decide in a hurry they are probably giving you a bad deal walk away.

2. If someone has a panic attack start breathing regularly and allows the person that is panicking will subconsciously start breathing in rhythm with you.

3. When a group of people laugh they tend to look at the person they like the most.

4. Nervousness and excitement have the same body reaction so if you're nervous for a speech trick yourself into thinking you're actually excited. 

5. If you think someone is watching you fake a yawn then watch them.

6. Get someone to contribute to an idea and they will more likely accept it.

7. If you whisper to someone, its more likely they will whisper back. Even if there is no reason to lower your voice.

8. If you want make someone feel uncomfortable look at their forehead while you're talking to them. if you want somebody to open up to you ask them a question it's a person only partially answers it remain silent and keep eye contact. This will pressure the person into talking more.

9. If you want to be more persuasive reduce the use of the words I think and I believe.

10. Touching someone on their shoulder or on their knee create a stronger emotional bond with that person.

11. Chew gum if you’re still nervous. Our brains assume that if we are eating then we are not in any immediate danger lowering our fight or flight response.

12. When you’re approaching a group of people, notice if they turn their feet towards you or away from you if their feet away from you. If their feet point away from you, you are probably not welcome. suddenly nodding when people are talking to you indicates that you were genuinely interested in what they are having to say and they're going to like you more.

13. If you take a moment to look at someone's eye color when meeting them you'll be giving them the perfect amount of eye contact. 

14. If there is a mirror behind where you are ordering, you’re less likely to be rude because nobody wants to see themselves actually be rude.

15. If you buy the first pitcher at the bar with your friends you'd be surprised how far you could go by saying I bought the first one.

16. If someone is making jokes at your expense act like you can't hear them and ask him to repeat it multiple times by the time they say it at third or fourth time nobody's laughing.

17. When someone remembers you they are most likely going to remember the first memory and the last memory of you so make sure you always leave a good first and last impression to.

18. After you would learn how to do something new and have done it yourself, the fastest way to retain that information is to teach somebody else.

19. If you ever have a song stuck in your head and you cant get it out try and listen to the whole song all the way through while singing it. Your brain is treating the song Like an unfinished task in your subconscious.

20. Plan something for every Wednesday that you look forward to. you'll start to look forward to it on Monday and by the time Wednesday comes around you're already halfway through the week and almost to the weekend.

21. If you ask someone to do a small favor for you, their subconscious mind is going to register that they like you because they're doing a favor for you.

22. Showing the palms of your hands while talking to someone subconsciously communicates that you have nothing to hide and that you can be trusted.

23. Whenever you're introducing a new idea to someone and you leave with the words “This might not be for you, but…” it intrigues their interest in makes it feel like it probably is for them.

24. If you need to remember to do something tomorrow put something in your room out of place. if you don't want to get out of bed, put your pillow across the room. the next day you will see this item at a place and it will jog your memory of what you need to accomplish.

25. If you're procrastinating just stop telling yourself how much work you have to do this will overwhelm you instead tell yourself you don't have to work for 5-10 minutes and then you're like we going to continue working past those minutes.

26. People who are lying will normally blink more than normal, hide the Palms of their hands, glance up to the right, mess with their hair or use abnormally long sentences.

27. If you’re trying to get over a break up do not use the fictional scenarios. imagining your person with someone new is only going to make more angry and sad about something that's not even real.

28. If you want to create a deeper connection with someone you're interested in ask them these two questions. what do you common? and what do you like most about me?.

29. If you are suffering from racing thoughts use the 3-3-3 rule. name three things you see. three things you hear and three parts of your body. This will help settle your mind and bring you back to the present.

30. When someone apologizes for something that you don't feel like was that big of a deal to apologize for, they're probably telling you subconsciously what actually bothers them if it was done to them. if they apologize for interrupting you they probably really just don't like being interrupted themselves.