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“AFRICA" - A Musical Ode to Heritage and Hope by Pelindah

In the world of music, often focused on themes of love, loss, and personal struggles, Pelindah brings a refreshing and thought-provoking perspective in her latest single, “AFRICA”. This song is not just a melody but a powerful narrative that delves into the heart of a continent's identity, cultural richness, and the challenges it faces in a rapidly globalizing world.

British Super model EVA APIO features on BET series episode

ME & MY MOM: This BET UK originals Episode features “international Fashion Model Eva Apio and her mother Eva Mbabazi

Ugandan Priscilla Anyabu, who has been recognized as one of HSBC x UKBBS Top 25 Black Entrepreneurs

Being of Ugandan and British descent, Priscilla has garnered a strong following and has successfully transitioned from British television to connecting with people worldwide.

Ray G drops New EP, MERAKi

Ray G is set to release his new EP, MERAKi, this month. Featuring six tracks, all of which were produced by Eliaskis, Nessim, Andre, Xpro and Element.

NASA has made a discovery in a galaxy that is 12 billion years old, Detects organic molecules.

Complex organic molecules have been observed by the James Webb Space Telescope in a galaxy that came into existence a mere 1.5 billion years following the formation of the universe.

Debt Collectors Want To Use AI Chatbots To Hustle People For Money

The collections industry is pushing GPT-4 as a dystopian new way to make borrowers pay up, replicating the debt system’s long history of racial bias.