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Nikki Haley Defats Donald Trump in Washington DC

Presidential candidate Nikki Haley's first primary win against Trump

170 People Dead In Burkina Faso Village Executions

At least 170 People Reported Dead In Burkina Faso

Inspector General Of Police Ochola Hands Over Office Today

The IGP Okoth Ochola is expected to hand over office after the expiry of his contract. Ochola was appointed as the police chief in March, 2018, to replace his then boss, Gen Kale Kayihura.

Nigeria's Nollywood Actor Mr Ibu Is Dead

Mr Ibu Is Dead

“AFRICA" - A Musical Ode to Heritage and Hope by Pelindah

In the world of music, often focused on themes of love, loss, and personal struggles, Pelindah brings a refreshing and thought-provoking perspective in her latest single, “AFRICA”. This song is not just a melody but a powerful narrative that delves into the heart of a continent's identity, cultural richness, and the challenges it faces in a rapidly globalizing world.

British Super model EVA APIO features on BET series episode

ME & MY MOM: This BET UK originals Episode features “international Fashion Model Eva Apio and her mother Eva Mbabazi

Ugandan Priscilla Anyabu, who has been recognized as one of HSBC x UKBBS Top 25 Black Entrepreneurs

Being of Ugandan and British descent, Priscilla has garnered a strong following and has successfully transitioned from British television to connecting with people worldwide.

Ray G drops New EP, MERAKi

Ray G is set to release his new EP, MERAKi, this month. Featuring six tracks, all of which were produced by Eliaskis, Nessim, Andre, Xpro and Element.

NASA has made a discovery in a galaxy that is 12 billion years old, Detects organic molecules.

Complex organic molecules have been observed by the James Webb Space Telescope in a galaxy that came into existence a mere 1.5 billion years following the formation of the universe.

Debt Collectors Want To Use AI Chatbots To Hustle People For Money

The collections industry is pushing GPT-4 as a dystopian new way to make borrowers pay up, replicating the debt system’s long history of racial bias.