Nikki Haley Defats Donald Trump in Washington DC


Presidential candidate Nikki Haley's first primary win against Trump

USA - Washington DC In the 2024 Republican presidential campaign, Nikki Haley secured her first victory over former President Trump, making history as the first woman to win a GOP primary. Although she faced defeat in her home state of South Carolina, Haley's triumph in Washington DC signifies a significant milestone.

Despite Trump's substantial lead, with 247 delegates compared to Haley's 43 nationwide, her win in the capital, albeit symbolic, is noteworthy. Winning 62.9% of the vote against Trump's 33.2%, Haley's victory underscores a shift in Republican sentiment, especially in areas close to Washington.

With only about 23,000 registered Republicans in Washington DC, the turnout of 2,035 participants in the primary is notable. According to local party officials cited by the Washington Post, Haley's win signals a rejection of Trump's leadership style and the chaos associated with it.

As Trump continues to dominate the Republican primaries, including Super Tuesday, where 874 delegates will be at stake across 15 states and one US territory, Haley's win in Washington DC adds an intriguing twist to the unfolding GOP race.