"I’ve been chatting with a guy on tinder that got sexual fast. I never swipe right on faceless profiles, but this one had the sexiest shirtless pic that showed a really nice bulge in his pants. After a couple weeks of chatting, I just found out that he’s one of my bosses". Says my friend Sarah

lol. nice. I'm not a fan of Tinder. one. I don't enjoy paying for crap, and two, I never seem to get a message one there. Plus, I must be on the wrong tinder because everyone i see or hear has nothing to do with the tinder stories I've heard.

This article is to help you to not be the guy below. Gain game that will get your texts sensual

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Before we get into  texts first hear this intel.

The #SECRET to getting p*ssy

Let's get down to business.

YOU want to talk. You'd like to cum. You want HER to be a part of YOUR fantasy. This is all about you, not about her. (In theory, there's nothing wrong with that.)

The irony is that she's far too busy and bored to ever engage you on that level.

Why? Well, any attractive, powerful, or charming individual attracts a lot of attention, opportunity, and a varied set of social relationships. As a result, you'll need to pick up your game significantly...

You want her attention? Be INTERESTING. Tell her something she hasn't heard before. You want her attention, right? Provide her with an event or opportunity that is about her, not about you. Offer to support her online hustle, assist her endeavours, or take her out to dinner...or practically ANYTHING BUT "hey, want to chat?"

And no, I'm not talking about women being "whores who only want money," I'm merely stating the fact of Supply and Demand. A woman who can have any man she wants will ALWAYS gravitate toward the man who offers the most solid value. That may ruffle some feathers, but it is THE objective fact that has fueled natural selection from the dawn of existence.



Only sext when you know they’re free to respond

I can't stop thinking about last night. Let's do that again.

I can't wait to get my hands on your sweet pussy.

You're getting sexier by the day.

I'm tired of sexting! I'd like to sample your body.

You're the hottest woman in the room everywhere we go.

I'd do everything right now to fuck you.

Your tits are the nicest thing I've ever put in my mouth, second only to your pussy.

I'm dying to kiss every inch of your body.

You're the only woman who can get my dick as hard as this.

Do you intend to torture me?

The finest feeling in the world is your mouth on my dick.


"How do you define incredible sex?"

"Where would you have sex if you could have it anywhere in the world?"

"Who would you have sex with if you could have sex with any celebrity, and what do you imagine it would be like?"

"Can you tell me about one of your favorite sexual fantasies?" A fantasy shared by your lover may surprise you—in a good or bad manner. Harper emphasizes that imaginations are just that: "They never have to become reality."

"What porn are you currently watching?" This inquiry opens up another avenue for discussing one's imaginations against their desires from reality. "Most of the time, the type of porn we view does not immediately connect to the type of sex we seek in real life," Ligon adds.

"How do you look and sound when sex feels fantastic for you?"

"What non-sexual attraction do you have?"

"Do you have a sexual predilection? If so, what exactly is it?"

"As a child, what types of games brought you the greatest joy?" Ligon claims that "kink play is merely the adult version of 'playtime,' with entertaining tools and mature privileges," citing the teachings of famed sex educator Midori. Answers like tag or wrestling, for example, "could spark a hot game of nude boisterous play."

"What are your thoughts while you masturbate?"

"How would you spend an erotic vacation?"

"Do you have a sensual tune that gets you in the mood?"

"Have you ever been caught in the act of having sex? Please tell me about it." If you ever feel jealous after hearing of a partner's prior exploits, Dr. Harper recommends admitting the feeling and moving on. If your partner prickles at your responses, she says, "Maybe rephrase the conversation's goal, stating, 'I didn't want to make you feel that way.' My goal is to have a good time and liven things up a little."

"Is there something you've always wanted to try but assumed I wouldn't like?"

"Is there an erotic movie scene that you enjoy watching? Do you want to watch together?"

"What's the craziest place you've ever hooked up with someone?"

"Are there certain styles of apparel that you find extremely erotic?" You might expect the answer to consist entirely of lacy bras and revealing underwear. However, as Ligon points out, "There are numerous erotic items that aren't sexual in nature but nonetheless get the blood pumping. Perhaps it's cycling shorts or socks!"

"Would you like to attempt making as much noise as possible during sex?"

"Would you like to try sex as discreetly as possible, as if we're trying not to be discovered?"

"Can we devote a night to your pleasure and what makes you happy?" This allows you to think of new ways to pleasure them in the moment (it's your time now!).

"Would you like to try food as foreplay?"

"Have you ever had sex and dreamed about someone else?"

"Would you like to see me in what color underwear later?"

"Do you like music or silence in the background?"

"How many men have you slept with?"

"Can you recall your best orgasmic experience?"

"Would you like to experience spanking with me?"

"Where would you like to be kissed the most?"

"Which do you prefer, sending dirty SMS or having dirty talk in person?"

"Where do you want me to lick you?"

"What is your preferred position?"

"What are your thoughts on anal play?"

"Have you ever considered trying tantric sex?"

"Have you ever been caught masturbating in public? How did you react to it?"

"What is your preferred style of foreplay?"

"Can you tell me how many times you've had sex in a single day?"

"Can you tell me about the last time you were turned on in public?"

"Would you prefer to be in charge or to be dominated?"

"Would you rather have sex on a moving train or a moving plane?"

"Have you ever sent or received a naked message?"

"Would you prefer car or shower sex?"


1. I want you to take my clothing and rip them off.
2. Please allow me to sit on your face.
3. I am dying to taste you right now.
4. Lean against a wall and kiss me all over 
5. What's the dirtiest thing you want to do to me?
6. Tie me to the bed and force me to shout your name.
7. You, Me, and the Bedroom Right Now

8. I like how tough/wet you get.

9. Pick me up, set me on the kitchen counter, and spread my legs.

10. I enjoy it when you do (this) to me.
11. I'd like to make you cum
12. I've been fucked all night, so I'll have to take a personal day off tomorrow.

13. I'm trying to focus on what everyone is saying, but all I can think about is what I want to do to you tonight.

14. I can't wait to feel/be inside of you. 

15. Please do terrible things to me tonight.
16. I want you to rule over me.
17. How difficult/wet are you right now?
18. Imagine me naked, then imagine me on top of you. What comes next?
19. I want you 

20. Tease me all night 

21. FYI: I'm not wearing undergarments 

22. Tonight, let's smash the bed.

23. I miss the flavor of your skin.
24. I'm getting wet/hard thinking about you.

25. I've been day dreaming about what I want to do to you tonight

26. I want to feel your lips on me

27. You have no idea how badly I need your hands on my body right now

28. I’ll kiss your neck and slowly trail my kisses down your stomach until I reach your sweet spot
30. I want to feel your hard, pulsating dick/sweet, wet pussy
30. Want to see me on my knees?