Kanye West raps about sexual act performed by wife Bianca Censori on THAT Venice boat ride in new song


Kanye 'Ye' West has seemingly confirmed what the world already suspected happened between himself and second 'wife' Bianca Censori aboard that water taxi

Kanye ‘Ye’ West has seemingly confirmed what the world already suspected happened between himself and second ‘wife’ Bianca Censori aboard that water taxi in the canals of Venice, Italy on August 28.

The Lyric

On Saturday, the ‘canceled’ 46-year-old released a song called F** Sumn off his long-delayed album Vultures 1 in which he rapped: ‘Shawty wanna f*** on something? / F*** on me / Suck on me, publicly.’

Ye and his 29-year-old Yeezy head of architecture’s indecent exposure scandal promptly got them banned from the boat rental company, Venezia Turismo Motoscafi.

Then They Are Banned From Boarding

‘On board, the driver had to keep a lookout for traffic and did not see these obscenities. If this had happened, he would have immediately disembarked and reported the transgressors to those in authority,’ the company exclusively said in a statement on September 3.

Police Investigate Kanye West And Wife Bianca Censori Over Their 'Compromising Position' On A River Boat And Will Quiz Driver To Speak On What He Saw

‘In addition, there was a third person on board the taxi, who accompanied Mr. and Mrs. West, who obstructed the captain’s view to the stern in any case. We completely dissociate ourselves from such acts and behaviour. Mr. West and his wife will certainly no longer be welcome on board our company’s boats.’

On September 5, a Venice police source said they were investigating West and Censori’s ‘offensive’ public display of affection.

‘There are standards of public decorum that have to be followed by tourists and locals alike and any breaches are severely punished,’ the source noted.

‘The images show the couple clearly in a state of intimacy and if the local prosecutor decides to press charges then we will notify the couple, most probably through the relevant embassies. The offence being investigated is acts contrary to public decency which is punishable by an administrative sanction.’

Bianca Nearly Nude on Cover of Vultures 1

The 24-time Grammy winner’s objectification and BDSM parading of Bianca’s body has clearly taken center stage in his creative process, as she posed nearly nude on the cover of Vultures 1.

Last Thursday, Ye performed F** Sumn live during the album release party held at the United Center in Chicago last Thursday alongside his ¥$ partner Ty Dolla $ign.

North West Was There

In the audience was West’s eldest child – North West – who proudly rocked one of his black $20 Vultures 1 shirts currently on sale on his website.

The Atlanta-born hip-hop star once made a huge fuss about his 10-year-old daughter being on TikTok, but he ironically has no problem prominently featuring her guest rapping on his new song Talking/Once Again.

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Little North rapped: ‘It’s your bestie. Miss, Miss Westie. Don’t try to test me. It’s gonna get messy. It’s gonna get messy. Just just bless me! Bless me!’

All four of Ye’s children attended the Chicago concert, and he pays ex-wife Kim Kardashian $200K/month in child support as part of their 20/80 custody arrangement – according to TMZ.

The Effects of Vultures 1 So Far

Vultures 1 has already managed to offend Ozzy Osbourne, whose 1983 live performance of Black Sabbbath song War Pig was illegally sampled on West’s track Carnival (which also name drops Taylor Swift).

‘He is an antisemite and has caused untold heartache to many,’ the 75-year-old Godfather of Metal tweeted last Friday.

‘I want no association with this man!’

Osbourne is Not Happy

The estate of the late Donna Summer Instastoried on Saturday that the Chicago State University drop-out allegedly sampled her 1977 disco hit I Feel Love without permission on his track Good (Don’t Die).

‘He changed the words, had someone re-sing it or used AI but it’s I Feel Love… copyright infringement!’ the post read.

Ye and Ty Dolla $ign will next release Vultures 2 and Vultures 3 independently on March 8 and April 5, respectively, via iTunes, Apple Music, and his YZY website.