Best man spent £3k saved for the newlyweds honeymoon on groom's credit card while he WAS in hospital


A newlywed couple were left devastated to find their best man had spent over £3k on their credit card - just days after they tied the knot. How it

A newlywed couple were left devastated to find their best man had spent over £3k on their credit card – just days after they tied the knot.

How it Happened?

Aaron Paget, 44, made fraudulent payments on his friends’ NatWest card in the weeks running up to and after the big day in 2021. 

He spent the money on trainers, a jetwash and various tools after taking the card from Michael and Nikki Tattersall’s kitchen cupboard at their home in Gosport, Hampshire.

Newlywed Michael, a retired HGV driver, had been rushed to Queen Alexander Hospital, Portsmouth, five days before his wedding with heart failure.

During this time Paget regularly went with Nikki Tattersall, 51, who suffers from agoraphobia, to visit her husband-to-be.

After visiting on June 29, Nikki and Paget drove back, where he accompanied her into the house.

How Paget Stole Mick’s Wallet

Nikki, who was looking after Mick’s wallet while he was unwell, placed it into a kitchen cupboard for safekeeping before ‘popping upstairs’.

She did not realise the card had been removed by Paget until the bank statement came through the post weeks later.

After taking the card, Paget spent £3,233.80 over 11 days, in multiple shops using contactless payments and cash withdrawals.

Michael and Nikki, who is his full-time carer, noticed the theft when the credit card statement was sent to the house on July 16, 2021.

He Denied it

The couple confronted Paget on the same day, but they claim he denied ever seeing the credit card.

Aaron Paget was found guilty to one charge of fraud by false representation at Portsmouth Crown Court on October 6 last year and was sentenced to 28 months imprisonment.

Victim Impact Statement

Michael, from Gosport, Hampshire, said: ‘I didn’t expect my best man to betray my trust. We treated him like family. He infiltrated our lives and stole from us.

‘It was hard to recover from the great financial loss while I fought for my life in hospital.’

Michael and Nikki got engaged in December 2020 after meeting on a dating site in 2016.

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The Wedding Was Unhindered Nevertheless

They planned their small wedding, costing £3k, to be held in July 2021.

Just a month beforehand, in June 2021, Michael asked best pal, Paget, a mechanic, to be his best man.

During this time, Michael was in and out of Queen Alexander Hospital after being diagnosed with heart failure in February 2020.

Nikki said: ‘They were really close. Aaron had become part of the family after Michael’s diagnosis.

‘They had been pals for over two years. Michael even bought him a £400 suit and £180 shoes for the big day so they could be matching.’

Details of the Fraud

Despite their close bond, the fraud began after Paget had taken the NatWest debit card on June 10 – just 30 days before the wedding.

Amongst the fraudulent transactions were cash withdrawals of £250 and various large purchases in shops like Asda, Tesco and a Spar supermarket.

Nikki said: ‘He was super helpful. I suffer with agoraphobia, and he was so understanding. I thought he loved us.’

Despite the groom’s ill health, their big day, went ‘without a hitch’.’

They were married in front of 50 guests at Godsball Fareham Registry Office, Hampshire, on 10 July 2021.