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Meet Zambian Model: Amanda Sibeso Wamunyima

Published: 2016-02-27T19:46:32Z -13,827 People Read This

Zambian Model Amanda Sibeso Wamunyima Based in USA, Zambia Models, Lusaka Zambia

Amanda Sibeso Wamunyima represented the state of Florida in the Ms America pageant take took place last year at the Curtis Theatre, Brea, California. The pageant, which attracted 38 contestants from different states of the United States, is run by Susan Jeske, who has been involved in pageantry for over 29 years as a competitor, judge, and pageant director. A former Ms America herself, Susan purchased the pageant from the founder Richard Simon in 1999. Amanda Wamunyima, who attended Kabwe High School but is now resident in Florida, Orlando, is thrilled to win the pageant.

The biography of Amanda on the Ms America website describes her as a Zambian royalty. “Amanda is Zambian royalty – daughter of Princess Alice Kaiko Kabuku and Brigadier General Erix Wamunyima of the Lozi people. She is a model, actress, entrepreneur, CNN iReporter and TV host. She is a humanitarian, founder of ieEmbrace organisation that helps provide medical supplies to hospitals in under-served nations.

“She started her first business at 18, and often travels to corporate events with network marketing company Solavie Mobile. She is looking forward to volunteer with the American Red Cross during her reign, raising awareness through her We Are United programme,” reads the short description.
The Ms America is for women of about 26 years of age and up who could be single, divorced, widowed or married. The competition is based on evening gown, interview, sportswear and on-stage question.

1. Who is Amanda Sibeso Wamunyima and where do you currently reside?
She is a Model, Actress, Pageant Queen, TV host, CNN iReporter and Entrepreneur, I live in Orlando Florida US.

2. Tell us a little bit about your family and modeling background. 
My father is Late Brigadier General Erix L Wamunyima Zambia Army and my mother is Princess Gertrude Kaiko Kabuku of the Lozi people. I have always loved fashion and started modelling when I was a teenager. 

3. Congratulations! You were recently crowned Ms. Florida State 2014, How did you get involved in this Pageant; guide us through when you first got involved to the Crowning. 
Thank you, pageantry has always fascinated me I remember seeing this lady on a TV commercial say “Hello I’m Elizabeth Mwanza your Miss Zambia” and I knew I wanted to say something close to that one day and here we are. I chose to enter Ms. America because it is a prestigious pageant with great values. I was chosen to represent Florida after an intensive interview and selective process I was later crowned in Celebration Florida at a live Event. -

4. What other pageants have you been involved in; in the past and how does it feel to represent Mother Zambia?

I’m proud to say I have a title from every pageant I’ve entered, if I didn’t get the top spot I was the people’s choice or got a special award. My titles are as follows, Ms. Florida State 2014, Ms America 2014 2nd runner up, Ms. America most photogenic Award 2014, Ms Florida 2013, Ms Florida US runner up 2013, Ms Orlando US 2013, Miss Katy US 2012, Miss African American Beauty 2012, Miss Africa Tx runner up 2011, Miss Zambia USA 2010 and Miss Africa USA Princess 2010. I represented Zambia in two African pageants here in the US it was so rewarding to hear people in the audience scream out Zambia every time I came on stage I loved it. Now that I’m involved in American pageants I still lift up mother Zambia every chance I get.  

5. What does Amanda Sibeso Wamunyima do when she is not competing in Pageants and taking over the World with her Brains and Beauty?
Hahaha I love the arts, music, theater, I go to concerts Rock, RnB, Soul all positive not mainstream but I listen to a wide range of music, I like to dance I got some moves, I’m a big Movie lover I have a small DVD collection couple hundreds, yes I said DVD I’m old school. I’m blessed to live in one of the US’s tourist cities and state there is a lot to do here Universal Studios, SeaWorld, Disney World, Bush Gardens and I have to mention you are 45 minutes to a beautiful beach in any direction when you are in the heart or downtown Orlando.

6. What are you most passionate about?

Service, I love to give back. I’m currently collecting school item to donate to Kiddy Daycare and Nursery school in Kabwe, thanks to the Schools director Mr. George Njovu for bringing us this project. Through my titles I have been given the chance to do so much and looking forward to doing that much more. 

7. What are your future plans; do we see you mentoring other young Zambian ladies to follow in your footsteps?
I’m planning on entering another pageant this year so stay tuned. I own Miss Zambia USA and looking for girls age 20-28 to take part in the pageant, I have opened it to girls in Zambia for the first time, so far I’m working with 2 from Lusaka that I’m mentoring. My goal is to train a girl that will win Miss World or Miss Universe for Zambia soon.

8. If you were told to market Zambia in ten words, what would you say?
Beautiful, Safe, Rich Culture, Wildlife, Loving people & Peceful

9. Anything else you would like to tell our readers?

Let’s come together not for ourselves but for our country ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION!

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